Testing and Health Checks

UPS Testing and Health Checks

Without proper testing and maintenance, UPS units can fail, causing downtime, data loss, and equipment damage. Regular testing of batteries and routine maintenance allows you to be able to forecast and plan for the future of your business. 

We first assess the age of your current system and the technology it uses. Like all forms of technology, it doesn’t take long for a piece of equipment to become obsolete and that’s much the same within UPS systems. Older systems are often less efficient than the newer technology available, this means you could potentially be spending more money than you need to be on your electricity bills. It can also be hard to replace broken parts within older systems and this can also prove to be less economically viable for your business.

We carefully measure and analyse the operational performance, reliability and battery health of your UPS system.

There are several types of UPS testing and health checks which we perform as part of your maintenance and monitoring, including:

Load Bank Testing
Load bank testing involves simulating a load on the UPS unit to test its performance. This type of testing can help identify any issues with the capacity of your UPS, voltage regulation, and battery runtime.
Battery Testing
This can help identify any issues with battery performance or ageing, and better ensure that the UPS unit will provide the required backup power in the event of a power outage.
Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging can be used to identify hotspots or abnormal temperature readings in the UPS unit, which can indicate potential issues with components or cooling systems. We test to ensure the optimum performance of your UPS system, identifying and fixing any areas where there is a risk of electrical fire before it occurs.
Visual Inspection
Regular visual inspections can help identify any physical damage or signs of wear and tear on the UPS unit. This can include checking for loose connections, damaged cables, or leaking batteries.
Firmware and Software Upgrades
Regular firmware and software upgrades can ensure that the UPS unit is operating with the latest technology and security patches to ensure your workflow is not interrupted when you need it most.
Harmonic Testing
We test suspect power sources and analyse harmonic distortion to determine if harmonic voltages and currents are at acceptable levels. By carrying out regular UPS testing and health checks, we can mitigate potentially complex problems before they arise.

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UPS Health Checks

Avoid unexpected failures or pre-empt potential faults

Can you really afford to leave your staff and equipment vulnerable? The consequences of a power outage can be catastrophic, which is why a UPS Health Check is a crucial part of making sure your system is running efficiently should an outage incident arise.

UPS testing and health checks are critical to ensure the reliable operation of critical power systems. By performing regular testing and maintenance health checks, you can minimise damage and ensure that your critical loads are protected during a power outage. We have many years of experience and our talented engineers are experts in their field. Put your trust in us to ensure that your UPS system is in tip-top condition and is future-proofed from the outset.