Logistics and Relocation

Generator Logistics and Relocation

Relocating a Generator involves careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition. Due to the size and weight of some generator systems, relocation can sometimes be a logistical nightmare if you don’t enlist a capable and experienced team! Here at Advanced Solutions we have over twenty years of experience in relocating Generator systems and are experts in our field.

The Logistics of Relocating a Generator

If you’re looking to relocate your Generator, don’t leave it up to chance - take out the risk by getting the specialists to do it for you.

Before relocation can begin, our team of fully-qualified engineers will first formulate the best strategy for a clean decommission and recommission of a generator system. We will assess the size, weight and power requirements of the generator to determine the resources needed for relocation, such as equipment, manpower, and transportation. We will develop a detailed relocation plan and establish timelines, accounting for any downtime during the relocation process. 

Once a plan has been devised, we will properly disconnect the generator from the power supply and shut it down in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This is followed by carrying out any necessary maintenance, such as cleaning, inspecting, and securing loose components for transportation.

 Our specialist team will then prepare the new site for the generator’s arrival. This may involve preparing the foundation, ensuring proper electrical connections, and arranging for safe fuel storage if required. We will use appropriate equipment to safely unload and position the generator based on the size and weight of the components. This ensures that no damage occurs during the generator relocation process.

Once the generator is in place, we will reconnect it to the power supply and conduct thorough testing to verify its functionality and ensure it meets performance specifications.

At each stage of the relocation process, we will provide you with comprehensive documentation with records of inspections, maintenance, and any modifications made during the relocation. This not only gives you peace of mind but will mean you have a record of every stage of the generator relocation process to fulfil the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. 

Our tried and tested approach to generation relocation, ensures you have back up power when you need it

If necessary, we will provide training to your site personnel, explaining how to operate and maintain the relocated generator and ensuring they understand its features, safety protocols, and any emergency procedures.

Whether you are moving your generator system around your existing location, or moving it to a new site, no job is too big or too small for our generator relocations team. We aim to provide our customers with a stress-free logistics process every time and our engineers are on hand waiting for your call. Get in touch today and let us do the tricky work for you!