Sentinal Dual (Low Power) 1-3kVA

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Power Range: 1-3kVA

The Riello Sentinal Dual (Low Power) series is the ideal UPS system forpower critical equipment. This includes servers, storage systems, telephone equipment, medical systems and industrial applications. The system has a modern design, a good choice of functional formats, and represents state-of-the-art UPS technology.

The main purpose for this UPS is for businesses seeking continuity for equipment requiring long runtimes. The Riello Sentinal Dual (Low Power) has the option to be installed with battery extension packs. These come with their own internal battery chargers to maintain practical recharge times. During periods of prolonged inactivity, The Riello Sentinal Dual (Low Power) utilises its energy savings features and automatically goes into bypass operation with batteries charging. The UPS system can reach online operating efficiencies of up to 92% and uses ‘Powershield3 UPS’ software that can be used to safely shut down the system, protecting your business peripherals from data loss and Potential damage.

The UPS can be set up as a tower or within a rackmount cabinet and comes with user replaceable (hot swap) batteries which work without any interruption to the load, and without the need to turn off the equipment.


 Output voltage can be selected via software (220-230-240 V)
 Auto-restart when mains power is restored (programmable via software)
 Stand-by on bypass: when the machine is switched off, it automatically goes into bypass and battery charge mode
 Minimum load switch-off
 Battery discharge warning
 Start-up delay
 Total microprocessor control
 Status, measurements and alarms available on standard backlit display
 UPS firmware updating via PC
 Input protection via resettable thermal switch (versions up to 1500VA)
 Back-feed protection standard: to prevent energy from being fed back to the network
 Manual switching to bypass

2-year warranty

Sentinal Dual (Low Power)   Sentinal Dual (Low Power)   Sentinal Dual (Low Power)  
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