Sentinal Dual (High Power) 3.3-10kVA

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Power Range: 3.3-10kVA

1:1 / 3:1 600-2000 VA

The Riello Sentinal Dual (High Power) series is the best solution for powering business critical equipment including IT and security. It is also one of the best solutions for all electro-medical devices which require the maximum in reliability and power. The RielloSentinal Power comes with a variety of operating modes including;

 On line
 Economy Mode: Increases efficiency by up to 98%. The system does this by using its inbuilt technology which allows the system to power low priority loads from the mains supply
 Smart Active: based on the quality of your mains supply the UPS system selects how your system needs to be set up at that particular moment
 Emergency: this allows the system to function only when needed in case of a power outage
  50 or 60 Hz Frequency converter


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2-year warranty

Sentinal Dual (High Power)   Sentinal Dual (High Power)   Sentinal Dual (High Power)  
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