At Advanced Solutions we offer a wide variety of Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions suitable for every business budget and size. The systems we offer are the latest in UPS technology and are some of the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly UPS systems available on the market today.

We offer Two brands of UPS solutions; The ever reliable Riello UPS and our very own ‘Advanced Solutions’ UPS systems. Riello are one of the biggest names in the UPS industry and are famous for their extremely reliable technology and components. Every Riello System comes fitted the most up to date components, technology and software. All systems come with a 2 year Manufactures warranty as standard.

Our very own Advanced Solutions UPS systems act as an ‘Advanced Value Range’ to the Riello alternative. Still as reliable and efficient as the Riello UPS Range, our own systems Act as a cheaper alternative for businesses with budget at the forefront of their minds. Both brands have the product range capable of handling the loads of a small home or office all the way up to the largest of data centres, military bases and hospitals.

As well Supplying UPS systems we also offer a wide range of Software and Connectivity upgrades and UPS Bypass Switches. The Bypass Switches make it possible for your system to receive it yearly maintenance checks without interruption. Whilst the Software and Connectivity solutions help make your system as efficient as possible, with improved data relay and system links.

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