Load Frame Testing

Generator load frame testing is a vital process your generator system must undertake to ensure it’s ready to perform efficiently if needed.

The purpose of a load frame is to simulate a load onto your generator system not only as a measure to check your system is ready to be relied upon if needed, but it is also used to clean the system of old fuel and oil which could have a negative effect on the systems performance.

Because of the use of diesel in generator units, they are often subject to problems known as ‘wet stacking’ or ‘slobbering’. This is due to the fact your system has only been running smallloads whilst it hasn’t been needed, this then results in fuel deposits collecting on the combustion chamber, injector nozzles, piston rings, turbocharger and exhaust system, and can cause your system to underperform.

Regular load frame testing burns off these fuel deposits and maintains your systems efficiency. We strongly advise that any generator unit should be load framed tested once a year regardless of whether you conduct smaller weekly or monthly tests yourself. Smaller tests do not test the full capabilities of the machinery and often don’t test areas of the machine such as the cooling procedures.

All of our load frame test procedures are conducted by qualified engineers and conducted at a time that suits YOUR business.

Any Load Frame Test enquiries can be discussed with our service team