iPlug 600-800VA

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Power Range: 600-800VA


The Riello iPlug series is the perfect UPS solution for your household or small business.It can be used to protect personal computers, phones, modems and printers, as well as all other vital household and office equipment. With its compact ergonomic plug and play design the system can be easily installed in any home or small business environment.

The Riello iPlug is one of the most economical ways to protect yourself from blackouts and surges, with 5 sockets fitted with battery backup and another 3 sockets with surge protection. When needed The RielloiPlug is powered by the inverter and built-in user-replaceable batteries. Its LED Status panel allows users to keep up to date with the exact running of their UPS system.

The iPlug uses Powershield3 UPS software that can be used to safely shut down the system, protecting your home and office equipment from data loss and Potential damage.


 Compact and ergonomic
 5 sockets protected against black-outs
 3 sockets protected against overvoltage for the supply of loads with larger absorption loads e.g laser printers
 Ability to switch on the UPS without a mains power supply (Cold Start)
 User replaceable batteries (Battery Swap)
 USB interface
 Floor-standing or desktop installation
 Power-supply cable included
 Built-in short circuit protection
 Auto restart (when mains power is restored, after discharge of the batteries)
 GS/Nemko safety seal
 Available with French (2P+T), British, Schuko and Italian outlets
 PowerShield3 supervision and shutdown software for Windows operating systems 8, 7, Hyper-V, 2012, 2008, and previous versions, Mac OS X, Linux
 Plug and play function

2-year warranty

iPlug 600-800VA   iPlug 600-800VA 
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