Installation & Commissioning

Warranty & Regulations

The correct installation and commissioning of a generator system, is vital in making sure your new system not only meets the manufactures warranty, but also the latest in generator regulations.

Written Quotation

That is why all work we do is subject to a quotation, including the assessing of your company’s infrastructure and current set-up. Once the system has been fitted by one of our fully qualified engineers, it’s then subject to vigorous testing to ensure a clean install before being granted with certification and system handover.

Qualified Engineers

Our certified installations remove the possibility of voiding your systems warranty as many systems require commissioning by a qualified engineer. After installation we will provide you with a commissioning certification for warranty validation. If a generator is in need of decommissioning, we can safely and correctly remove and dispose of the system for you.

 All installations, commissioning and decommissioning are conducted by qualified engineers.
 All work can be conducted at a time suitable to you and your business.

All Generator Installation and Comissioning enquiries can be discussed with our service team