Energy Safeguard Planning

At Advanced Solutions we aim to provide our customers with the best Generator experience we can offer. This starts with our complimentary consultancy service, where we look to project manage every aspect of your Generator Installation.

To really get a feel for your companies’ power load and infrastructure we conduct a full site survey. From this survey we are then able to build a bespoke solution custom made to suit your businesses wants, needs and budgetary restraints. As well as looking to futureproof your system by estimating predicted power growth, power usage and potential running costs. Conducting our site survey will be one of our qualified and experienced engineers who will benefit your business by being able to share their Generator knowledge with you. All of our

Engineers have worked with companies of all sizes and worth and because of their extensive knowledge will be able to provide you with the perfect solution. Due to the size and weight of some of the generators we use, sometimes a system set up isn’t as simple as turning up and putting the generator in place. Some Generator installations take weeks of groundwork and preparation. This is why we put so much effort into making sure we have the preparation correct, so that when it is time to install your system, it’s a clean install first time every time.

The Generators we offer here at advanced solutions are all top of the range models, that have been tried and tested vigorously before we hand the system over to you. The continuity planning doesn’t stop after we install your new generator, we look to ensure you always have the best product available to you by arranging routine maintenance checks and monitoring your system off-site to ensure you are always fully supported.

Any UPS Energy Safeguard enquiries can be discussed with our service team. Why not get in contact...