Fuel Polishing

Generator Fuel Polishing is a simple procedure that allows the resting diesel within your system to be cleansed. Diesel that hasn’t been used for a period of time is easily contaminated with dirt, water and airborne microbes. What this means for your system is that when needed the diesel powering your load is unclean and can potentially be unreliable and harmful to your machinery.

What Fuel Polishing allows, is for the diesel that’s sitting in your machine to be filtered, removing all the harmful microbes from your diesel results in a cleaner more efficient system. Fuel polishing is a lot cheaper than going through the process of removing and replacing all of your existing diesel but it is just as effective.

 The process is quick and simple and conducted at a time suitable for YOUR business.

Any Fuel Polishing enquiries can be discussed with our service team, why not get in contact ...