Battery Maintenance & Testing

ups batteries

Critical components

Batteries are the most vital component within a UPS system, and in the event of a mains power failure this is where the UPS draws it power from. UPS batteries typically have a life of up to 10 years but due to environmental factors this can vary from battery to battery. Deteriorating batteries can severely compromise the effectiveness of a standby power system and that's why it's essential to have them properly tested on a regular basis.


Our on-site testing service can be used with any batteries and our process includes the testing, replacing, monitoring, recycling/removing and maintenance of your current UPS battery set-up. Our test procedure includes a full physical inspection in whichthermal imaging can be used to pinpoint potential ‘problem-areas’. The test data we collect puts us in a position to compare your UPS batteries to that of new factory specification batteries. With this Information, if needed we will be able to create the best solution for your company.

Any Battery Maintenance and testing enquiries can be discussed with our service team.
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