AS Observer 3G

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Wireless Battery Monitoring System

The Advanced Solutions Observer 3G Battery Monitoring System is the perfect UPS solution for capturing all vital battery statistics in real time. The system communicates wirelessly with all of the connected batteries and can measure up to 512 nodes per system. The Observer can record the data it receives onto memory cards and gives users the most efficient solution to monitor their battery life and performance.

To view all of the recorded data the Observer comes with a 6.4” LCD screen which displays all your vital information about your system set-up via user friendly on-screen graphs and charts.


 Wireless Communication
 Easy Installation & Save Cost
 Graphic LCD Touch Screen
 Real Time Monitoring: Block Voltage, Block Impedance, Temperature, String Voltage & Current
 Equalise and Balance Block Voltage
 Extend Battery Life Time
 Alarm via Email & Dry Contact
 Built in Storage Memory for Battery History Database
 Colourful Bar/Curve Diagrams
 User-Default Configurations & Deviation Levels
 Provides Ethernet/RS-485 for Remote Monitoring

2 Year Warranty

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