AS Defender 2 & 2R

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Power Range: 4.5-20kVA

Single Phase

The Advanced Solutions Defender 2 and Defender 2R series are the ideal solutions for protecting IT systems, telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems such as safety devices. The UPS is available in both a tower and convertible rack set-up (Defender 2-tower/Defender 2R-rack.)

The AS Defender comes with a user friendly LCD Mimic display which allows users to monitor battery levels, load levels and check for potential faults. As well as user replaceable (hot swap) batteries, which work without any interruption to the load and without the need to turn off the equipment. The system uses the latest in full time DSP control technology.

The system is available in 4500VA, 6000VA, 8000VA and 10000VA, 15000VA, and 20000VA models.


 Rack/Tower Convertible Design
 Power Factor 1.0
 Patent Backup Runtime Estimation
 Flexible Battery Configuration
 Easy Parallel Installation
 Frequency Converter Operation Mode
 Smart ECO Mode
 Generator Compatible Mode
 Full-Time Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Control
 LCD Mimic Panel
 Power Range and Runtime Scalability
 Optional Galvanic Isolation Transformer Module / MTBS box

AS Defender 2 & 2R   ASDefender 2 & 2R   AS Defender 2 & 2R
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