Health Check

AS UPS Engineer with clamp meter

Monitoring condition and performance

UPS Health checks gauge the systems condition and ability to perform as a back-up to the mains.

During a health check every aspect of your UPS system will be analysed.

The first thing we would look at assessing would be your current systems age and the technology it uses. Like all forms of technology, it doesn’t take long for a piece of equipment to become obsolete and that’s much the same within UPS systems. Older systems are often less efficient then the newer technology available, this means you could potentially be spending more money then you need to be on your electricity bill. It can also be hard to replace broken parts within older systems and this can also prove to be less economically viable for your business.

Another aspect of the USP Health Check is to assess your current systems components. UPS systems contains manly parts that can diminish with age or wear including batteries, fans and capacitors. As part of our health check on your system we will check to see what needs replacing or upgrading.

Finally, we also review your current maintenance agreements, to see how we could benefit you as a company whether it’s a cheaper plan or better response rate. We have a plan to suit every business.
A UPS Health Check is a crucial part of making sure your system set-up is not only working correctly but is the best option technically and financially available to your business.

A health check provides you with all the vital information about how our services and systems could benefit you as a company.

Any Health Check enquiries can be discussed with our service team.
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